We bring you the Academy! This is the world of ‘How-Tos’. Learn the basics of surfing a river waves or how to patch your inflatable board. We are a wealth of knowledge and we want to share it with you.


River Running Basics with Mike T

A couple of river running basics to help get you out in the river safely! This video covers peel outs, eddy turns, and ferries with a few basic pointers for each. Be sure to check out Mike [...]


Inflatable Board Thickness

2018 marks a point of demarcation for Badfish. After 7 years in business this year is the first we are producing a lineup of boards totally independently, after 6 years of working with a [...]


How to Frontside 360: Featuring Hannah Ray J

 Find a wave, green or slight foam. A wave with a long enough trough for the board to slide down the face works well for learning 360s. I’m surfing the green Double D Wave at Charles City [...]


Stave off the Chill with Guillermo’s Gear

For some of you it’s still Winter, but warm weather and sunshine is just around the corner. It’s time to start getting out there and prepping your body for many days on the water. [...]


How to Use the Click Fins

 How to Use the Click Fins from Badfish SUP on Vimeo. We’ve added the new click fin fin boxes to our River Shreds to make taking your fins in and out seamless. Check out this quick video [...]


River SUP Technique: River Surfing Basics…Getting to the Wave

With the proliferation of whitewater parks across the US and river specific SUP designs


SUP Footwork for Running Rivers

Let’s face it…river SUP is a new sport and we are all figuring this out together. Zack and I both come from a background of teaching whitewater kayaking and as we have been designing [...]

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