Adventures of the iSk8

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Just like ocean surfing traveling is an integral part of river surfing. Seasons are short and the timing of them differs from place to place. Some waves are rain dependent, snow dependent, or entirely dependent on dam release. If you want your season to last more than a month then you’ll have to travel (Bend, Canmore, and Boise excluded) and river surfing knows no borders. The new inflatable Sk8 was created to open up a whole new world of possibility when it comes to river surfing travel, allowing you to shape your own adventure…

It’s only been three weeks since we launched the iSk8 and here are just a few places we’ve spotted it…

Denver’s River Run Park

Surfers: Zack Hughes & Miles Harvey

Montrose Whitewater Park

It’s September and yet there is still surfing to be had in Colorado

Jon Malloy stoked to be surfing in September

Gentian Nuzzo getting some of her first surfs on a shortboard in the river.

Buena Vista, CO

Little Muez on his way to becoming a little shredder!

Pacific Ocean

Miles Harvey testing out the iSk8 on some small waves in the ocean.


Fayatteville, WV ‘Diagonal Ledges’

Local surfer Travis Hames relishing in the start of their season on the Gauley River last weekend and his first surf on the iSk8.
Photo: Guillermo Loria




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