Badfish Holiday Gear Guide

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There are so many different board designs out there. It can be overwhelming and difficult to know what board is right for you. So, we’ve put together a quick little gear guide for you to help!

Badfish Monarch

The Ultimate All Arounder


Everything you need comes with this inflatable stand up paddle board. No need to worry about losing fins or buying new ones. They’re already attached and aren’t going anywhere. Put together your included 3-piece-paddle, inflate, and hit the water. Explore the coast, get a work out in on the lake, or go for a cruise on a mellow stretch of river. Great for most sizes, lightweight, but still durable.

Surf Traveler

Performance Oriented All-Arounder

Surf Traveler

The Surf Traveler is for those looking for a step up from the Monarch. You’ll find it is a little more nimble being a shorter length and smaller width. You can take this board out for a paddle around the bay while also catching and riding waves back to the beach. It’s thinner rail and waist makes for a fun board to make some turns on.


The Thrill Seeker and River Enthusiast


The Rivershred is our high-performance SUP. It’s designed to be stable in moving current. The shorter length allows for more mobility and faster response. Whether you’re just getting started on the river or your a seasoned vet this board will get you where you need to go.

Inflatable SK8

Beginner River Surfer or Surfer of all River Waves

Inflatable SK8 (iSK8)

Rivers aren’t the most friendly when it comes to glass boards. You can always expect some dings, especially when you’re learning. The inflatable surfboard is built to take the beating. It’s stability shortens that learning curve and will have you standing up in no time. If you’re like us and want to surf anything and everything this is a great board for the quiver. Take it with you on a plane, stuff it into your kayak, or strap it down on a raft. Surf EVERYTHING!

Inflatable River Surfer (IRS)

Beginner SUP River Surfer or Kids SUP

Inflatable River Surfer (IRS)

Stable and ready to be ridden on all kinds of river waves. This is the board so many have chosen to learn to SUP river surf on. The thinner rails make it easy to turn while the width makes it easy to paddle standing up into a wave. Favored board by our team riders to teach on. Great for kids!


The Performance Oriented River Surfer

SK8 5’0″


The SK8 is surfed by all of our pro riders. It has a traditional epoxy layup to make it go fast and perform at the highest level. We’ve added more volume then you’re use to seeing on traditional ocean style surf boards to make sure they can surf the unique waves that we see in the river.


River Surfer

All About That Performance SUP River Surfer

River Surfer 104 & 140

The river surfer has been our staple board from the very beginning. The revolution of the River Surfer is based on years of surfing from the owners and team riders. We’ve got the 140 higher volume for the bigger surfers. But, don’t be fooler the 104 lower volume board is not only for smaller paddlers. If you’ve got the skills having the lower volume board can up your performance level on a wave.

Safety First

Quick release Re’Leash (coil & straight)

When on the river NEVER wear an ankle leash. They can pose a great risk to your personal safety. The re’leash clips onto your lifejacket and your quick release system is within arms reach. Always be sure you have the right gear when getting on the river. Ask an experiences paddler, email us, or visit your local outfitter to learn more about river safety gear.

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