Charles City Challenge 2017

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Chuck town’s 6th annual Charles City Challenge was attended by numerous paddlers from around Iowa and surrounding states. Approximately 44 paddlers took to the river for a day of SUP and kayak events despite the low water flowing through Charles City Whitewater on the Cedar River.

SUP X racers were required to maneuver their boards through slalom gates hung through out the whitewater park. Gate #1 proved to be challenging for SUPs and kayak as it required crossing a strong eddy line to pass through an upstream gate. Racers then headed downstream through the park for 3 more gates and finished by tagging the floating finish buoy. 1 st place finishes were: Mens division – Michael Koenig, Women’s division – Piper Wall, Youth Boys division – Klayten Perreault, Youth Girls division – Emara Perreault.

Although the river was on the low end, Iowa’s prime river surfing wave, Double D, shaped up to be perfect for SUP surfing and tricks. The SUP surf comp consisted of 3 rides for competitors to display as much surfing, tricks, and style as they could. Badfish boards swept the podium, 1st place finishes were: Mens division – Kris Perreault, Women’s division – Hannah Ray J, Youth Boys division – Klayten Perreault, Youth Girls division – Emara Perreault.

The SUP Surf Clinic concluded the Charles City Challenge. Three new river surfers took to thewave for hands on tips and instruction. The Badfish IRS board was the board of choice, stable for beginners, durable, and fits perfectly on Charles City’s Double D Wave. Tim Bendzick and Sidney Bendzick were accessing the wave and standing up in no time. Jeremiah Pruessner gained a lot of whitewater sup skills and is continuing to work on his surfing. With smiles across all faces, it appeared the SUP surf clinic was a success!

-Hannah Ray J

Emily Perreault laying down a solid surf on her Badfish IRS during the surf comp.

Kris Perreault showing the crowd how to surf Iowa.

Klayten Perreault readying himself for surfing action on Badfish IRS.

Emara Perreault getting some surfing assistance from Hannah Ray J for her SUP Surf Comp firstplace finish.

Hannah Ray J fins first on her Badfish River Surfer 6’11”. 

Hannah Ray J and Emily Perreault assisting the youth SUP X through the course.

Tim Bendzick getting some tips to hone his river surfing skills.

Tim Bendzick heads in for this first surf on Double D Wave.











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