CKS Paddlefest 2019 Event Re-cap

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CKS Paddlefest is an important event to us not simply because it’s a big weekend of sales but because everyone involved in it feels like family. Paddlefest is a kick-off season event but it’s also a family reunion. It’s the first event of the season where many of our team riders are in the same place at the same time. It’s when we see all those familiar faces we hadn’t seen all Winter. We pick things up right where we left off, like no time has passed.

Every year there’s someone new and every year there’s someone missing. This year we were missing some of the regulars and OGs. BUT the next generation showed up in their place. We held the first ever juniors surf comp at Paddlefest. And we were delighted to see around ten kids participating. Up until this point the sport had been dominated by paddlers ages 24 and up. And while that’s still true, there are more kids getting into river surfing and stand up paddling than ever before.

Paddlefest is a lively event, with whitewater as its foundation but not its sole focus. It really is an event built for everyone. People come for more than just the whitewater. Paddlefest always has an impressive line-up of live music playing throughout the weekend at different venues around town. Kids are walking on water in giant translucent balls inflated with air. And the beer is flowing like, well…beer does in Colorado. And, if you’re looking to get into whitewater or river surfing there is a long list of instructional events to sign up for, including team rider Mike Tavares’ river surfing clinic. It may not quite feel like the season is here yet, what with the cooler temps and endless accumulation of snow, but no matter the weather once Paddlefest hits the whitewater season has begun.

SUPhill DownHill (SUP Cross) Results


1. Mike Tavares
2. Miles Harvey
3. Bradley Hilton
4. Bohdi Harrison
5. John Blackshire. 



1. Brittany Parker
2. Cami Swan
3. Reta Boychuck
4. Trinity Wall
5. Jenn Hodgkiss

SUP Surf and Shortboard Results


1. Claire Chappell
2. Brittany Parker
3. Tracy Sage



1. Miles Harvey
2. Bodhi Harrison
3. Tyler Harris 

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