Sometimes the best things don’t start with a plan.

From the jungles of Honduras to the Sierra Nevada to the backyard classics on the Arkansas River in Colorado, Zack Hughes and Mike Harvey had kayaked all over the world together by the time they both settled down in Salida, Colorado, in the mid-2000s to raise their families. Mike was designing whitewater parks throughout North America and saw the possibilities for surfing rivers in a new way. Meanwhile, Zack had been tinkering with ideas for a river surfing board in Salida, shaping short river boards in his garage out of blue board home insulation. In the summer of 2009, Mike tried a paddleboard on the Arkansas for the first time and immediately saw the potential for a SUP to surf a river wave. He walked over to Zack’s garage shaping bay a few blocks away, asked Zack to make him an SUP board specifically for river surfing — and Badfish was born. The creativity and innovation central to Mike and Zack’s partnership has remained the backbone of the Badfish Brand.


  • Zack Hughes
    Zack Hughes

    Hometown: Salida, CO
    Age: 51
    Favorite Spot: Cold River & Warm Ocean

  • Mike Harvey
    Mike Harvey

    Hometown: Salida, CO
    Age: 45
    Favorite Spot: Arkansas River

  • Luke Hopkins
    Luke Hopkins

    Hometown: Asheville, NC
    Age: 41
    Favorite Spot: New River Dries


  • Brittany Parker
    Brittany Parker

    Hometown: Glenwood Springs, CO
    Age: 30
    Favorite Spot: Lochsa River
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  • Bradley Hilton
    Bradley Hilton

    Hometown: Grand Lake, CO
    Age: 29
    Favorite Spot: Yoshino River
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  • Reta Boychuk
    Reta Boychuk

    Hometown: Cochrane Alberta
    Age: 30
    Favorite Spot: Jatunyacu River, Ecuador
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  • Miles Harvey
    Miles Harvey

    Hometown: Salida, CO
    Age: 18
    Favorite Spot: Scout Wave, Arkansas River

  • Hannah Ray J
    Hannah Ray J

    Hometown: Manchester, IA
    Age: 35
    Favorite Spot: Charles City Whitewater

  • Mike Tavares
    Mike Tavares

    Hometown: Richmond, VA
    Age: 37
    Favorite Spot: Arkansas, Gauley, Snake
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  • Yuka Sato
    Yuka Sato

    Hometown: Amami Island, Japan
    Age: 32
    Favorite Spot: Colorado

  • Shannon Thomas
    Shannon Thomas

    Hometown: Dayton, OH
    Age: 34
    Favorite Spot: Gauley River, WV
    SUP Lessons

  • Claire Graff
    Claire Graff

    Hometown: Glenwood Springs, CO
    Age: 37
    Favorite Spot: Snake River, Wyoming

  • Yacu Takahata
    Yacu Takahata

    Hometown: Ome, Tokyo, Japan
    Age: 46
    Favorite Spot: Mitake, Tokyo & Namiko, Kanagawa – Tokyo
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  • Guillermo Loria
    Guillermo Loria

    Hometown: Potomac, MD
    Age: 38
    Favorite Spot: Center Chute on the Potomac River

  • Kimberley Kenyon
    Kimberley Kenyon

    Hometown: Prince George, BC, Canada
    Age: 34
    Favorite Spot: Quesnel & Caribou River
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  • Spencer Lacy
    Spencer Lacy

    Hometown: Boulder, CO
    Age: 28
    Favorite Spot: The Grand Canyon

  • Natali Zollinger
    Natali Zollinger

    Hometown: Moab, UT
    Age: 36
    Favorite Spot: Westwater Canyon

  • Charlie Cindric
    Charlie Cindric

    Hometown: Cheney, WA
    Age: 18
    Favorite Spot: Pipeline Wave, Lochsa

  • Ryder Reed
    Ryder Reed

    Hometown: Salida, CO
    Age: 17
    Favorite Spot: Scout Wave, Salida

  • Izzy Hughes
    Izzy Hughes

    Hometown: Salida, CO
    Age: 13
    Favorite Spot: Arkansas River

  • Cohen Atkins
    Cohen Atkins

    Hometown: Charlotte, NC
    Age: 27
    Favorite Spot: US National Whitewater Center

  • Brayden Kirby-Billingsley
    Brayden Kirby-Billingsley

    Hometown: Ft. Collins, CO
    Age: 15
    Favorite Spot: Staircase Wave, Arkansas River

  • Emerys Taylor
    Emerys Taylor

    Hometown: Durango, CO
    Age: 16
    Favorite Spot: Animas River

  • Chris Cindric
    Chris Cindric

    Hometown: Cheney, WA
    Age: 51
    Favorite Spot: Greater Inland Northwest

  • Vanessa Taylor
    Vanessa Taylor

    Hometown: Durango, CO
    Age: 46
    Favorite Spot: Ponderosa Wave, Animas

  • Trey Knight
    Trey Knight

    Hometown: Miami, FL
    Age: 39
    Favorite Spot: Big South Fork, Cumberland River
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  • Christian Shaw
    Christian Shaw

    Hometown: Ithaca, NY
    Age: 28
    Favorite Spot: Salmon Creek, New York
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  • Noah Werly
    Noah Werly

    Warehouse & Customer Service Manager
    Hometown: Nathrop, CO
    Age: 45
    Favorite Spot: Browns Canyon, The Numbers



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