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Our board building shop in Salida, Colorado is the heart and soul of what we do here at Badfish. Located in a former Milk bottling factory, near downtown Salida, our shop is where we do our R&D and build prototypes. More than anything its the domain of Zack Hughes. Zack was raised by artists and worked in construction for years. He is a blend of artist and craftsman, one who spent all of his free time wet; between years of surfing and whitewater paddling. The shop is where he cranks up the Iron Maiden and cranks out innovated SUP shapes. Every board we make and sell has its origins in this shop.

Zack Hughes, Badfish co-owner and lead shaper.

Zack started Badfish in his garage and I was his first “customer”. Our story is told pretty well in this video. Once we decided to become partners in Badfish we found the shop and pieced together a space to shape, glass and paint boards. As we have grown we have slowly but surely out-grown the original space.

The new front office at the Badfish shop.

In August we tore the space down to bare walls and started over. Zack, me and our friends did all the work (mostly Zack). The resulting space is a huge improvement and is allowing Zack to take his art to the next level. Zack does every step of the board building process; there’s no dropping shaped boards off at a glass shop in the central mountains of Colorado.

The new shaping bay.

The new shaping bay.

…and spray booth for paint.

With the new shop we now have the capacity to build and sell, Salida built & custom River Surfers. We will have a limited number for sale this winter on a first come first serve basis. These boards are just like the customs Zack makes for ourselves and pro riders like Mike Tavares and Brittany Parker. They are lighter than production River Surfers and oriented towards performance surfing on river waves. With 14oz of glass they are durable enough to hold up to reasonable wear and tear.

We make and stock handbuilt 6’11 River Surfers like this one that is for sale right now with graphics created by Zack. Each of these boards is one of a kind, you won’t see another like it on the river next season. If you want custom art on a 6’11 River Surfer contact us right away to reserve your board. Custom graphics can be done for $50/hr.

Salida Built 6’11 River Surfer for sale right now.

If you want to own a one of kind piece of art, each one, shaped, glassed, and painted by Zack reach out to us ASAP to reserve a board. Thanks for the support and if you are in Colorado keep up your snow dance! -Mike Harvey, Salida, CO


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