GoPro Mountain Games 2018

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Vail, where the air is thin and parking is almost as much of a challenge as the GoPro Mountain Games competitions themselves. Its been a low-water year for Colorado and for awhile we weren’t sure if the SUP events would even run. But the levels held out and the Badfish team showed up ready to race.

Where usually we’re having to avoid hitting our heads on low bridges this year was all about not catching your fins on rocks. While some of us managed to heed that advice, others weren’t so lucky, getting to the finish line with bruised and bloody shins. Paddlers had to change up the strategy from previous years which added a new and fresh excitement to the race. A big congratulations to Mike Tavares with his first place finish and Spencer Lacy & Brittany Parker with second.


Photo: Rick Lore


The SUP Cross was cut throat and the usual crowd pleaser. It’s an event that can be 50% skill and 50% luck…you never really know who is going to win until they cross the finish line. Leading the pack in the Men’s was team rider Bradley Hilton with a beautiful clean run alongside fellow team mates Mike Tavares (2nd) and Spencer Lacy (3rd). Sage Donnelly’s Slalom skills came out as she ran a clean line ahead of the other three ladies in the heat taking first place. Brittany Parker and Yuka Sato battled it out to the very end. BP moved from last place all the way to second, taking her time in making sure she didn’t miss a gate or land in the water. The winning stand up paddle board for the event was our new and improved Rivershred design. Next up the Colorado SUP Championships!

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