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Badfish recently announced our new foray into the inflatable SUP market with the revolutionary MCIT Badfish Inflatable SUP

Coming from kayaking and surfing backgrounds Zack and I have always been inherently skeptical about inflatable boards. I mean no self respecting kayaker would ever paddle a ducky just because they are more convenient right? Inflatable SUP boards have some performance downsides (many of which we eliminated in the new Badfish Inflatable) that in some applications can outweigh the positives of the convenience.

However inflatable SUP boards have a place in the quiver for all SUP paddlers regardless of experience level or where you do most of your paddling. For the beginner inflatable boards have obvious advantages, easier to transport, light, soft for falling on, nearly indestructible.

For the expert paddler inflatables make a ton of sense because they are so easily transported. I have to travel a lot for my whitewater park design job and I take my inflatable board with me on almost every trip because I hate hotel gyms and I don’t have to pay any extra fees to bring the board on the plane. Here is an example of how I put my SHUBU to use on a recent work trip to Ann Arbor, MI.

SHUBU Business trip

For River based paddlers inflatable SUP boards are a great tool for multi day raft-assisted river trips where there are times when you may want to stash the board and make some miles and other times when you want to break out all your toys and float and bloat.

The new Badfish Inflatable radically improves stability of inflatable SUP’s on rivers, particularly secondary stability (the ability of the board to be stable on edge) which is critical for successful river running.

For coastal based paddlers or paddlers who’s primary focus is flat water, inflatables are a critical part of your quiver if for no other reason then you can throw it in the trunk of your Smart Car and get a paddle in on your lunch break. With the Badfish Inflatable’s versatile shape and superior stability you are ready for a surf session, fitness paddle, mellow tour or fishing in those moments when a paddling opportunity arises.

If you are new to SUP paddling or a veteran looking to expand your quiver I think there is little doubt that an inflatable SUP is a must have. If you want the highest performance inflatable on the market check out the Badfish MCIT Inflatable. 

-Mike Harvey, Salida, CO

*Check out this site, SUP Gladiator, for a cool recent post that talks in detail about the pros and cons of inflatable SUP boards. 








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