Keeping Waves in our Life

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Last season was Claire’s first highwater season as a mother and it didn’t slow her down one bit. In this blog post she reminds us that if you really want it…there’s always time to surf.
‘Keeping Waves in our Life’
It’s a Monday at 5:15pm. I just pulled in the driveway from work. As soon as I open the car door, I’m not thinking about that lab result or that little kid with the weird rash anymore. Spencer has the bikes and boards rigged and ready. I am 5 mins, one outfit change and two granola bars away from flying down the hill with my boys and my board toward a little slice of heaven just 1.2 miles away. I am 5 mins away from blissfully letting that other part of my life seep in and take over.
On the cruiser ride I balance the urge to go as fast as I can with the knowledge that our make-shift gear trailer is a little top heavy. I take the corners slow, stop once to tighten a cam and slam on the breaks when a driver on her phone disregards a cross walk. The warm summer air on my face feels even better when I’m pulling boards. Finn is happily talk-singing some of his nonsense words in the carriage behind Spencer and we’re almost there.
We pull up next to the river and I unload and sunscreen the boy while he unloads the boards. As Finn takes off full speed on the grass, arms flailing, constantly on the verge of total loss of control, I jog after him yelling “cuidado!”. Spencer suits up for his session. Depending on the line up, we will each get at least 4 or 5 rides. I’m really asking for a bad fall when I practically run up the wet rocks to get back in line and its maybe a bit harder to improve on skills with short sessions, but making this happen 3 or 4 times per week has been the cornerstone of our family’s happiness.
For our magic little trailer, we used a simple cargo bike trailer from amazon, a plain plastic tote and cam straps. We put all the river gear and clothing in the tote and strap the paddles on top on the boards. 1 or 2 boards has been no problem but we did tip over the day I tried 3, no boards were injured during that little experiment thank goodness.
I remember, we were waiting at an intersection and a guy rolled down his window and said “Well, aren’t you the quintessential Colorado family”. Not sure about that, I haven’t skied in 4 years and I’m pretty sure that’s CO sacrilege. BUT, I do know we’ve found a sport we love and we make room in our lives to do it no matter what!
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