New for 2012…7’6″ MVP-S…hybrid river surfing/river running

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Badfish began becuase Zack, who grew up in San Diego, wanted to surf the river on his feet. The experiments Zack started in his garage from 2007-2009 lead to the first River Surfer SUP board that he made for me in the early spring of 2010. This board was so fun that we agreed to start Badfish 15minutes into my first session on the board here in Salida.

Mike enjoying the first River Surfer in Salida

Soon after discovering how fun running the river on a SUP board could be, we began the development of the board that became the MVP.  The number one goal of the MVP was to make a board that would have unprecedented initial and secondary stability while running rivers and still being fun and easy to surf.

As our skills improved and our crew of friends that we paddle with like Matt Koch, Mike Tavares and Earl Richmond got better on the River Surfer we all agreed we needed a new board that blended the characteristics we liked best of the MVP and the River Surfer.  A smaller board that would be fun to surf, but had enough river running capabilities to be able to paddle between waves and get out to tougher to reach features.

After the normal Tecate fuled brain-storming sessions with Zack. Zack disappered into the shaping room with a new blank he ordered from our friends at WNC and the MVP-S (S for Surf) was born.

The MVP-S 7’6″ 36″ Wide, 6″ rails, 5″ standing area

Since late summer ’11 when we first started playing with this board it has become a favorite of the quiver. Grom team member Miles Harvey, age 10, and Team rider Haley Mills both love it for paddling downriver. Its smaller size and nimble handling make the MVP-S a great choice for smaller paddlers as a river runner.

Grom Team Rider Miles Harvey on the MVP-S

For me, at 190 lbs., I will stick to the 9’0″ for running down river, but I have been paddling the 7’6″ all through the fall and winter in the local whitewater park.  Its a fun for me to be able to catch eddies and play in the slalom course on my way down to surf the Scout Wave.

At 36″ wide with a sunken standing area and the Badfish MVP chine, this board incorporates some obvious design features of the 9’0″ MVP.  At only 7’6″ with a lot of nose rocker this board will fit in small whitewater features, like the River Surfer, and then carve and turn once you’re there.

Zack testing his creation in Buena Vista, CO

We believe this board is part of the evolution of river SUP where the focus shifts from simply being in survival mode while paddling a river, to being able to play and surf your way down a local Class II run or through your local whitewater park.  We can’t wait to hear what you think. Look for the MVP-S at your local paddle shop in the Spring.  -Mike Harvey, Salida, CO

Mike T ripping the MVP-S on the Staircase Wave.


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