New inflatable SUP pump gadget…

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Pumping up inflatable SUP’s can be a pain. There’s no way around it. The pump that comes with your MCIT works well, but for some people getting from about 10psi to the recommended 14psi, is difficult. This last bit of inflation really makes a difference in performance. Our friends at Colorado Kayak Supply (CKS) has been working on solutions and have come up with the cool accessory. Traveller Inflater

They gave one to us and we really like it. It works with a bicycle floor pump or even a tire pump at a gas station. The bike pump allows you to get to 14 with a smaller volume of air, making pumping a lot less strenuous. Be careful if you use a tire pump at a gas station that you don’t over inflate the board.

Get your Traveller Inflater, an MCIT and then go to Costa Rica.


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