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We’re sure a lot of you have been wondering what’s going on with RVR 2 RVR? After a year hiatus to cater to other parts of their life and careers Natali and Brittany are BACK! And they’ve revamped and revitalized the companies ethos and mission.

– Written By: Brittany Parker

Natali and myself have undergone many changes since we started RVR 2 RVR in 2015. Naturally, as we have evolved so has our company. Our mission from the beginning was to grow the sport of stand up paddling and while that still rings true it is not entirely who we are anymore. Over the years we have learned so much, grown significantly, and risen above some traumatic experiences. It’s caused us to revisit the question, “What is our purpose?”

While Natali has expanded her knowledge and training in health and wellness I have been hard at work in improving my writing, as well as, deepening my meditation practice. We have a lot more to offer the world than we did four years ago. And not only that but our values and priorities have changed.

Before, our clinics were mostly focused on skills and technique. Of course, this is important to us but when we started the company our focus was culture. The river culture is what made us fall in love with the sport. We wanted to connect our clients to that. This turned out to be a difficult task to fulfill in just a weekends time. There were two very important and critical elements that were missing from the experience…the culture we adore so much and a deeper connection.

We want to provide you with a much more immersive experience. One that will help you tap into a part of yourself that you had lost or didn’t even know existed. We want to connect with you and we want to help you create a loving life-long relationship with the river. The river has been our greatest teacher and during your time with us we will help you take her lessons and apply them to your daily life.

So, we’re shifting gears. RVR 2 RVR will now be providing destination river experiences. But, every location we choose will have a purpose. Some of the world’s most beautiful rivers are under attack. Dams continue to bring healthy eco-systems to their demise as well as destroying many people’s livelihood. In every RVR2RVR experience we will paddle a river that is under threat and in danger of disappearing. Creating a connection to a place is the first step in building your relationship to the river.

Also, we will connect with a local organization fighting to preserve their waterways. You will learn what you can do to help and support their cause. It’s also important to know that by simply spending your time and money to paddle in these places you are helping them. We must show the local governments that these places are much more valuable in their natural state than as a power source.

In many of the places we visit you will see how many towns, homes, and families are built around the eco-tourism provided by the river. We vow to only work with companies run by locals. Our goal is to boost and enhance the local economy not take from it. We will not profit independently off of anything we do while you are traveling with us.

From this point forward, these are the values we’re expanding from with all the Experiences we hope to offer. Alongside community, our goal is to help you connect deeper to the river and yourself through our passions of physical, mental, and emotional wellness. A healthy mind and body will not only make you stronger, but more confident on the water.

All of the above will be carried over and into our first trip we’re offering in 2019. A Whitewater Sup Experience deep in the tropical jungles of Costa Rica. If you want to escape the cold and get some paddling in to get you ready for the season come join us! We’ll be paddling in some of the most beautiful places, dialing in your skills, and immersing you in the Pura Vida lifestyle. Everything is included except for flights and boards (boards are available to rent for a small fee).

For more information or to register for our Experience in March, click here.

To follow more of what Brittany and Natali are up to, follow RVR 2 RVR on their social media platforms or visit RVR2RVR.com.

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