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For some of you it’s still Winter, but warm weather and sunshine is just around the corner. It’s time to start getting out there and prepping your body for many days on the water. Team rider Guillermo doesn’t let the cold weather deter him because he’s got his gear game dialed. If you’re unsure of where to start heed this SUP sages advice… 🙂
What’s the coldest temperature you’ve paddled in?
GL: “10 to 15 degrees with a windchill of below 10.”
What gear would you recommend for paddlers who are looking to be comfortable in a similar environment…?
GL: The gear definitely depends on whether surfing or whitewater paddling. For surfing I prefer a wetsuit. For ww paddling a Dry Suit. Since I swim after every surf the wet suit keeps me warmer while in the water.

Photo: Brandon Thompson

Guillermo’s Gear of Choice:
Gloves: 95% of the time I get away with wearing Glacier Gloves. They are thin and comfy but do wear out quick and are not as warm as thicker surf brand gloves. When it is really cold or I plan to shortboard a lot I wear a 5mm “lobster claw” glove by Xcel or Quiksilver. I rotate them so they can fully dry in time for the next session.
Footwear: Booties when in a wetsuit! I recently bought a set of Stohlquist booties that are 5mm with a hardy sole. Traditional surf booties soles are too thin for hiking and portaging; and wear out quick. The Stohlquist have a zipper down the side so I lose some warmth but I got them a half size big and wear a lined neoprene sock under them. They’ve been keeping my piggies warm. In a Dry Suit I wear a thin Smartwool snowboarding sock under the suit and Astral HiYaks on top! I like that the HiYaks protect the drysuit sock/bootie more because they go up higher.
Wetsuit & Drysuit: I LOVE my Quiksilver 5/4 Highline! Ive been wearing it for 3 years or so and its held up great. Keeps me warm and its comfy; even when new it never felt uncomfortable. I recently picked up an Immersion Research Dry Suit – the Arch Rival – and Im stoked on the fit and its kept me super dry.
Hood: I don’t remember the brand of my hood. I only wear it in the ocean. My head is too big to wear one under my helmet. In the river I have a Smartwool cap that I wear and pull down to cover my ears and also wear the Immersion Research neoprene cap with chinstrap.

Photo: Brandon Thompson

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