ISK8 in SUP the Mag’s 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

It may not be a stand up paddle board but the iSk8  is causing quite the buzz. Our inflatable surfboard, designed for surfing river waves, has been featured in SUPtheMag’s 2017 Holiday Gift [...]


The Inertia Features the iSk8

The response to our latest board the iSk8 (inflatable surfboard) has been overwhelmingly positive! Our goal has always been to provide the industry with boards that know no limits. There are so [...]


Adventures of the iSk8

Just like ocean surfing traveling is an integral part of river surfing. Seasons are short and the timing of them differs from place to place. Some waves are rain dependent, snow dependent, or [...]

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Introducing the Sk8!

Did you know Badfish began with shortboards? Well, we’re going back to our roots and bringing you our new shortboard the Sk8. Badfish shaper Zack is originally a surfer from the California [...]