The Badfish’s Winter Gear Picks

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Winter paddling can be very gear intensive. There are a lot of options out there and most of them aren’t the most affordable. So, we’ve put together a list of go-to Winter gear from our team riders to aid you in choosing the Winter gear that is right for you.

Bradley Hilton: CABBO ‘White Raven’ semi-dry full wetsuit

Christian Shaw: Wool socks are a great way to get some more low end range out of your booties. During the first few sessions of Gordon and my spring road trip in 2016 we each had on multiple pairs under 6mil booties.

Trey Knight: I love the Immersion Research Devil’s Club drysuit. Very warm and extremely durable for swims and winter hikes into creeks and waves. I stay warm with the K2 Union Suit from Immersion Research and my feet are protected with my Astral Hiyaks. Good shoes that are sticky, provide ankle support/protection and protect my drysuit and a must for winter paddling. When it’s below 40 I wear the IR Thick Skin Union Suit and for the snowy days sub freezing and I wear both union suits.

Claire Graff: Well the obvious Kokotat Meridian dry suit if paddling down river. For surfing I have a couple faves, the Xcel Drylock booties and I like my new O’neil Thermo Vest with attached thin neoprene hood to pair when wetsuit isn’t enough.

Shannon Thomas:
Wetsuit: BodyGlove voodoo slant hooded, 5/4/3
Drysuit: Kokatat Icon Drysuit (Goretex)
Booties: Patagoinia R4 Yulex Round toe booties
Gloves: Patagonia R3 Yulex gloves

Mike Tavares: Here are a some of my favorites the SUP Skin dry suit is pretty amazing and I prefer it for Winter paddling over a wetsuit. For hands and head I like NRS’s mittens and skull caps.

Charlie Cindric: When I’m paddling downriver I like to wear the NRS Crux Drysuit since I spend more time above the water. The drysuit has attached dry socks so I’ll wear a pair of wool socks underneath and Astral Hiyak shoes over the dry socks. For surfing I’ll throw on the NRS 4/3 wetsuit with an Xcel Drylock hood and O’neil booties. For the hands I like NRS mittens.

Chris Cindric: Nalgene bottles filled with hot water (to douse my hands, feet and head prior to getting in the water)

Brittany Parker: For surfing I love the O’neil women’s Psycho Tech 5.5 hooded wetsuit. It has great flexibility and I never get cold in it. It can be a tricky one to track down, they sell out of them fast. For downriver paddling I like my Kokatat drysuit, I’ve had it for four years and just now had to replace my gaskets. I have yet to find gloves that I really love but I’m liking the flexibility and paddle feel I get from the Perfect Curve Glacial Glove. They aren’t the most durable but are extremely affordable.

Hannah Ray J: My unicycle. What? A unicyle?! Yes! When I get cold, I take a lap around the river front park. The unicycle is great for a warm up as it uses large portions of your body to maintain balance. All that balancing and focus warms me up for another round of winter river surfing!

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