Water Dropping…Time to Learn Tricks

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With the water dropping after a historic high water year in Colorado, here at Badfish World HQ, we are changing focus to learning new tricks on our River Surfers. We have a great local crew of paddlers including Badfish rider Mike Tavares and Matthew Koch a local kayaker who has really embraced SUP.

Zack Hughes used his background in whitewater kayaking and surfing to unlock a true flat spin 360 this spring and Mike Harvey quickly learned as well. This move is a real mix of whitewater kayaking and surfing. We will post video soon to show everyone how to do it, but it is done in a very similar method as a kayak flat spin.

We are also playing with shuv-its where we spin the board fins forward and surf on the nose. Mike T, with his skate/snowboard style, is starting to land some really cool ollies where he tweaks the board out in the air.

The bottom line is that we are just beginning to figure out what we can do with river surfing. We are so excited to get the boards in more peoples hands and see what people come up with on their own waves with their own style.  In Salida our local crew all comes from a whitewater kayaking background, so the surfing style that is emerging is a mix of whitewater kayaking and surfing, something new and cool… and the River Surfer is making it all possible.

Mike Tavares ollieing on the Scout Wave in Salida

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