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We are very excited to announce Trey Knight as one of the FIVE new additions to Team Badfish! Trey is from Savannah, GA and has turned his love for the outdoors into his profession, as the Outdoor Recreation Coordinator of the University of Tennessee. Trey is an instructor trainer for the ACA (American Canoe Association) in stand up paddling and it shows when he’s out on the water.

Let’s get to know Trey a little better, shall we?
















What’s your home paddling spot/wave?: Summer – Ocooe River, TN | Winter – Big South Fork of the Cumberland, TN

Do you have a favorite paddling destination?:
Missoula, MT

Tell us a little bit about your role within the American Canoe Association (ACA)…
I have a number of roles with the ACA, but largely they are separated into helping govern the organization Safety, Education, & Instruction Council (SEIC) as a volunteer and also as a certified Instructor Trainer Educator teaching and training paddlers. I chair a committee that looks at how to improve the instructional methodology and practice (Instructional Committee), am the Vice Chair of the SEIC, and am the past chair of the SUP committee. I also run the Outdoor Program at the University of Tennessee for my day job, which is a pretty sweet gig!

Ocean or River surfing?
This is a tough one since I grew up on the coast and ocean surfing reminds me of home and my childhood. I would have to say river surfing though, but ask me on a different day and I will likely have a different answer.

Did you start off as a kayaker, raft guide, or both?
So Savannah, GA isn’t know for it’s great surf, pretty much the opposite, but I grew up surfing, wakeboarding, and skiing on the islands of the GA coast. Kayaking and rafting became a thing in college when I couldn’t surf or wakeboard easily, I went to college in Atlanta; so final answer is both.

What aspect of whitewater stand up paddling appealed to you and ultimately turned it into a passion?
The additional complexity and difficulty was a big part it. Exploring something new. There was no specific way, and arguably there still isn’t, to do it. Some the creativity that came naturally was big for me. Also, I always loved board sports, be it wakeboard, surfboard, snowboard, whatever and I love the river/mountains. Whitewater SUP is a way to experience both and that is also a big draw.

Is there anything you feel is missing within the sport of whitewater SUP or something we need more of?
We need to keep innovating, both in board design/application and techniques. That is one thing I have always been drawn to is the opportunity to innovate. That is what drew me to Badfish, a passion for the adventure of the unknown. Just because it hasn’t been done, doesn’t me it can’t or shouldn’t; we have to at least think about it and give things a try.

If you had the opportunity to paddle anywhere in the world…where would you go?
New Zealand for whitewater and Australia for surf!

Welcome to the team Trey!

Be sure to follow Trey on Instagram @treyknight. If you’re interested in signing up for one of his SUP courses visit https://rapidsup.weebly.com/calendar.html.

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